“White Sky, Falling Dragon”

Soaring Dragon Endeavors presents a premiere production of “White Sky, Falling Dragon” in July, 2020, at The Colligan Theater in the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz, CA. Playwright Steve “Spike” Wong developed the work based on a question: what was it like for his father to return from World War II, as a captain in the US Army Air Force, after having served as a bombardier on B-17 and B-24 bombers? Spike used real people as his characters: his father and mother as 19 year-olds, his grandparents as 40 year-old traditional Chinese, and his uncle Eddie. The play, however, mixes reality with a fictional storyline, and the main character’s return to a traditional Chinese family clashes with his American aspirations in this story of family, duty, tragedy, and discovery.

“White Sky, Falling Dragon” was originally presented as a one-act staged play reading in May, 2019 at Center Stage Theater in Santa Cruz, CA. Sponsored by 36North: A Playwrights Collective, the play received strong support from the audience for expanding it into a full-length production.

“White Sky, Falling Dragon” staged play reading at Center Stage, Santa Cruz, CA, in May 2019. (L to R) Steve “Spike” Wong as Pop, Alie Mac as Ma, and Preston Yeung as Ernie.

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